Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Day 25
March 27/28th

Sub plans:
Complete the "Committees and Staff" Worksheet (here on the blog if you need it)
Pass out congress study guide
3rd period: Political parties lesson w/ Mr. Wells

Day 26
March 29/30th

Sub plans:
Watch "Congress" video
Complete either the Chapter bookwork or Powers of Congress group work
Study for Congress Test
Even: Finish house/senate note guide

Congress folder check:
Timeline + Quickwrite
House & Senate Note Guide (Yellow)
"Partner & Critic" Speech Chart
Commitees and Staff Worksheet

Congress Test is Monday (odd) April 2nd & Tuesday (even) April 3rd
folder check due the day of the test

I will be back in class on Monday April 2nd, make sure you study! Mrs. P

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