Monday, March 19, 2012

Day 22
March 19/20th

Today in class:
Quiz #11
Filibuster Video Clip
Bill --> Law Powerpoint w/ guide
"Life as a Bill" Paper explanation + class time to work on

Bill Paper due Friday March 23rd (odd)
Monday March 26th (even)

if you were absent: complete "Life as a Bill" paper using powerpoint provided here

Day 23
march 21/22nd

Today in class:
Current Events
Finish House/Senate Lecture Guide
Went to computer lab to complete Who's who worksheet

if you were absent: finish House/Senate note-taking guide, complete Who's who worksheet-will be due in your folder check!

Life as a Bill Paper due on Friday/Monday!

Day 24
March 23rd/26th

Today in class:
Quiz #12
Current Events
Turned in "Life as a Bill Paper"
**Finish house/senate ppt if needed**
Speech chart (Partner & Critic Reading)

if you were absent: complete the Partner & Critic Reading

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