Disclosure Document

United States Government and Citizenship, 2011-12
Mrs. Brenna Perry, Rm I-34
Phone: (801) 221-9720

“I know of no safe depository of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion.”
Thomas Jefferson

Course Description:  This course will familiarize students with the major ideas, protections, privileges, structures, and economic systems that affect the life of a citizen in the United States political system and show them how to get involved today.

Course Objectives:  
1.  Help students become better informed, more active citizens.
2.  Students will understand the origins of the Constitution and how it works.
3.  Students will formulate their own opinions about events/ideas and articulately express them to others.
4.  Students will demonstrate effective reading, writing, and study skills.

I will do everything I can as your teacher to make this class and the material we will uncover interesting and applicable to your lives.  I ask you to come to class prepared with a positive attitude and an inquisitive mind!  In addition, I expect everyone to manifest honesty, discipline, responsibility, and respect for others.  If you will do these things, not only will you do well in this class, but you will enjoy it as well.

Course Requirements:
We will have a short, simple quiz almost everyday.  Most of the questions will come from the assigned reading for that day or the material covered in class.  Quizzes are a reward for being in class on time.  You may NOT make up any quizzes, regardless of the reason for your absence.  Your lowest quiz score will be dropped at the end of each term.

Papers and Projects:
Throughout the course you will be expected to demonstrate what you have learned by creating projects (videos, models, presentations, etc.) and writing papers, incorporating the content we are studying with academic skills we are learning.  

In addition to papers and projects, smaller assignments (worksheets, written responses, etc.) will be given to help you learn the material. You must have a lose leaf folder specifically for this class.  You need to keep class notes, returned assignments, handouts and other important papers in this folder. Bring this to class everyday.  Folders will be checked for completeness the day you take the corresponding test for that unit.

Citizenship Project:
To help students get more involved in the community, you are required to complete 5 hours of service each term within Utah County.  This needs to be something you would not already be completing (Ex: church service, mutual activities do NOT count).  Examples include: volunteering at the food bank, helping with a political campaign, or volunteering with ProvoReads or other service organizations.  The choice is yours, but it must be approved BEFORE you start your service hours.

Assessments will be administered at the end of each unit.  Students can do test corrections to earn back half of the points they miss on most tests.  Each correction must include: the right answer, a detailed explanation about the correct answer, and the page number it was found on.

Extra Credit:
I will offer extra credit periodically throughout the term that relates to the subject matter we are studying.

Classroom Behavior:
1. Be on time! Trust me…you’ll want to be (refer to the Tardy Policy in the student handbook).
2. Leave electronics at home (i.e. cell phone, ipods, etc.). If seen or heard, they will be taken to the office!
3. Show respect for the teacher and your classmates. This includes: no swear words / name calling, no shoving / inappropriate touching, no sleeping, no doing other work instead of class work, no dress code violations, no misbehaving for a substitute teacher, no cheating in any form (this will result in loss of assignment points and/or further actions as needed), no in class cell phone/Ipod use. Listen to directions, stay on task and quiet down as needed.

Grade Scale: A 100-94%, A- 93-90%, B+ 89-87%, B 86-84%, B- 83-80%, C+ 79-77%, C 76-74%, C- 73-70%, F 69% or below.

Parent Permission
1)   Audio Visual Presentations
You may also be aware of the District’s policy in regards to using videos in class.   According to the policy, if I wish to use any video that has higher than a “G” rating I must first obtain permission from each student’s parents.  I intend to use portions of several movies to illustrate some very important principles.  Some of the movies that I intend to use are “A More Perfect Union” and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” and “Twelve Angry Men.”   “A More Perfect Union” and “Twelve Angry Men” are rated G, and “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington” is rated PG.  If you object to your child seeing portions of any of the films listed above, please specify which film.  I would like to use your email address (if you have one) in the future to notify you of any other films I intend to use.

If you object to your student seeing clips of PG and PG-13 films, shown at my discretion, please make note of it below or email me as needed.

I ________________________ the parent of __________________ give my student permission to view portions of the above listed films and clips of PG and PG-13 films shown at Mrs. Perry's discretion . ____________________________________________.

2) Communication
While the school has provided me with each student’s phone number, I have found it much more convenient and efficient to email information home.  I understand that not everyone has access to the Internet in their home.  If by chance your family does have access to the Internet it would enable me to send homework home to your student when they miss class.  In addition, it would also allow me to notify you of potential problems in regards to your student’s performance.
I would like to invite you to make me aware of any unique medical conditions your child may have or any other information that will help me better understand how to best teach your child.  I invite you to call or email me with any questions, concerns, and or suggestions.
Also, I would invite you to follow our class assignments and discussions on my blog: perrysgovclass.blogspot.com  I will post daily what we do in class and the assignments in case students are absent.  It is their responsibility to check the blog when they are absent and get the work they missed.

3)  Disclosure Statement (Please see separate document)
I have read through, I understand, and I am prepared to abide by the policies and grading system for Mrs. Perry’s US Government and Citizenship.

Student Signature:_________________________ Parent/Guardian:______________________________

Parent’s Phone Number: ______________________________   
Parent’s Email Address:____________________________________

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