Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Day 8 September 13/14th

Today in class we:
Took the Unit 1 test & turned in folders!

If you were absent: your folder is due Thursday (Odd) or Friday (Even) and you need to schedule a time to take the test after school. You have until next Wednesday to make up the test outside of class time.

Test re-writes: if you are unhappy with your score on the test you may do a test re-write. You can earn back half of the points you missed, if you do the following:
1. Come see Mrs. Perry for permission to do a re-write and get your test from her
Type up the following for each question you missed: question #, the right answer, a detailed explanation about the correct answer, and the page number or powerpoint lecture the answer was found on.
3. ALL test corrections are due by the Unit 2 test (Early October)

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