Friday, September 9, 2011

Day 7 September 9/12th

Today in class we:
Discussed current events & 9/11 anniversary
Completed the Constitutional Convention Powerpoint
Finished watching clips of A More Perfect Union
Completed the Ratification Powerpoint
Completed the Anti-federalist/federalist graphic organizer

went over packet contents:
Unit 1 guide
Types of Gov Worksheet
"Power" Quickwrite (1 paragraph)
Rule of law/Human Predicament Examples (2 paragraphs TYPED)
English History/American Revolution Timeline
A More Perfect Union Movie Notes
Anti-federalist/Federalist Graphic organizer

Played Jeopardy! Review Game

If you were absent: Prepare your packet and study for your test next class & complete the Anti-federalist/federalist graphic organizer

Odd: Tuesday September 13th
Even: Wednesday September 14th

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