Monday, February 6, 2012

Day 8
February 6/7th

Today in class:
current events
turned in folders
took Unit 1 test

**Remember you have one week to make up the unit 1 test (next Monday the 13 is the LAST day) and your folder is due when you take the test**

Day 9
early out & career day
February 8/9th

Today in class:
Current Events
Unit 2 guide
Photo Essay Explanation
Constitution Bowl Groups
(the day before the Unit 2 test we will hold our constitution bowl, the winners do not have to take the test!) groups are posted here on the blog under "constitution bowl groups"

Day 10
February 10th/13th

Today in class:
Current Events
Constitution Worksheet
First Impressions + Article Chart

if you were absent: know your constitution bowl group and get studying! complete the constitution worksheet

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