Monday, February 27, 2012

Day 15
February 27/28th

Today in class:
Quiz #8
Completed Electoral College Worksheet
Debated the Electoral college
Time to work on photo essay + constitution bowl groups

if you were absent: Complete the electoral college worksheet (check out book from me if needed)

Day 16
February 29/March 1

Today in class:
Quiz #9
Discussed Marbury vs Madison
Marbury vs. Madison Reading Qs
Federalism Powerpoint + Note-Taking guide
Constitution Bowl Groups

if you were absent: Get reading questions from Mrs. P next class, fill out the federalism note-guide using the Federalism Powerpoint

Day 17
March 2/March 5

Today in class:
Photo Essay DUE
Constitution Bowl!
Folder Check Contents
Extra time: Study for test

if you were absent: your photo essay is due the day you RETURN to school

Odd: March 9th
Even: March12th

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    This is an interesting video about the electoral college. I just thought it went really well with our debate today.

    --John Oldroyd