Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 6
January 31/February 1

Today in class:
Quiz #3
Current Events
"Articles of Confederation" Graphic Organizer
A More Perfect Union Movie with notes
Constitutional convention discussion

if you were absent: fill out Articles organizer w/ Articles powerpoint, write 2 paragraphs explaining the difference between the New Jersey & Virginia Plan (unless you have access to a copy of the movie-then do the notes!)

Day 7
February 2/3rd

Today in class:
Quiz #4
Current Events
Review Constitutional Convention decisions
Ratification Powerpoint
Anti-Federalist/Federalist partner work
Review for the test!

if you were absent: use ratification pwpt to take notes, complete the Federalist/Anti-Federalist chart, come ready to take the test

Unit 1 Test Next Class
odd: Monday February 6th
even: Tuesday February 7th

Folder Check:
Unit 1 guide
Silent Debate response
Types of Government Chart
English/Revolution Timelines
Articles/Movie Notes
Federalist chart

Review for the test ------>

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