Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 23
November 1st/2nd

Today in class:
Video clip on 7 billionth person
Signed up for term 2 current events
Reviewed service hours project (5 hours by the end of the semester)
Terms Test Review Sheet

Folder Check:
Unit 3 Guide
Senate Time line
Congress Note-guide
Congressional Powers group work
Committees Worksheet
Hamilton speech chart
Who's who in Congress? Internet worksheet

...then we went to the computer lab & worked on the "Who's who?" Worksheet

Homework: folder check & terms test next time (30 questions)

if you were absent: complete the "Who's who?" worksheet, gather your folder together, and study for the test!

terms review for the test:

Bicameral House of Representatives Senate Congress Majority Leader Minority Leader Whip Speaker of the House “Pro tempore” President of the Senate Caucus Bill Quorum Committee of the Whole Select Committee Joint Committee Conference Committee Standing Committee Rules Committee Filibuster Cloture Term of Senator Term of Rep Political Party Committee Chair Hopper Gov. Printing Office Library of Congress General Accounting Office Congress. Budget Office Gerrymandering Interest Groups Political Action Committees Influences on Cong. Calendar Constituents Nancy Pelosi

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