Thursday, September 1, 2011

Day 4 August 29/September 1

Today in class we:
Took Quiz #2
Performed our types of government skits
Had a discussion about the Human Predicament
Completed the powerpoint on the Rule of Law
Odd classes: went to the computer lab to work on examples assignment
Even classes: began our English History Time-line

Homework due with your packet: Use the internet, newpapers, or magazines to
1. find a modern example of one phase of the Human Predicament & write a typed paragraph summary (ex: revolution in Libya)
2. find a modern example of one principle of the Rule of Law & write a typed paragraph summary

If you were absent you need to take quiz #2 sometime outside of class time (see me), complete the types of government note-taking guide (front and back) using the "types of government" powerpoint on the blog, complete the Rule of Law note-taking guide using the "rule of law" powerpoint on the blog, and do the examples assignment.

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