Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Welcome to U.S. Government & Citizenship!

August 23/24 Classes

Today we:
filled out note-cards with class information
went over class expectations/rules
handed out the disclosure document
took and graded the U.S. citizenship test
began out discussion on the purposes of government
(the purposes are to maintain social order, provide public services, provide protection *military, and develop the economy)

Remember to get your disclosure doc signed and leave a comment on the blog
by next Monday (odd periods) or next Tuesday (even periods)


  1. Thanks Mrs. Perry for showing us that awesome link game :)

    McKenna Cornilles
    Period: 8

  2. Hey my name is Adre Ngatikaura I am in your 3rd period U.S. Gov. class and I love long walks on the beach and Lindsay Kay Clark!!:)

  3. I live in a house....

    Clinton Purser
    Period 8

  4. Beckafer Butler! period 8.

  5. Beckafer Butler! second comment. I'm not sure if you meant three days or three class times, so I'm sorry if this is late.
    Period 8.

  6. Nathaniel Larson

    Period 8

    The Fish Rock!